Welcome to a Unique Fashion Magazine

Obscurae Magazine is a magazine that represents the artist. We are a magazine that is based in the states. We have been in circulation for over five years. We are a not your Momma’s typical Vogue Magazine. We take high-fashion that is UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, AVANTE GARDE, HAUTE COUTURE, and DARK FASHION. We do not limit our artists and want our artists to feel the freedom to create whatever comes to mind. If you are interested in a magazine that lets your inner desires come to life, then feel free to submit to us. 

Give to those in need

We donate funds to charities around the world. If you have a charity in mind that should be donated to please feel to contact us at anytime. We always take in suggestions for those who need it.  The images below are some of the organizations we have donated too. We have donated to many more just this year. This includes; ASPCA, Boxed Lunch, Angel Tree, Support Our Troops and many more.