Kian Kavousi is a well-known actor trained at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. After graduating, Kian landed in multiple leading roles such as in an award winning Off-Broadway play “Defendant Maurice Chevalier”, he acted in the feature movie “Miles”, and was cast as leads in various short movies that went to festivals including “Sarah is not her name” which was screened at Cannes Festival.

Easier said than done, Kian Kavousi faced challenges that made him delve deeper into the craft of an actor. He explained, “the older I became the more I used different ways to adapted to my environment in every situation but I wondered why I couldn’t do what I wanted to do on stage”. To try new approaches, Kian started taking acting classes at the well known Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Back home, his teachers described him as a talented child with a vivid personality but because he was so full of energy and life, he was simply all over the place and far away from being centred. In his first years of acting classes, Kian learned the hard way that first of all one has to be disciplined and serious in order to be able to be free to act; using your imagination, emotions and senses. By learning these disciplines, Kian succeeds not only to use it in Acting but also within the production side of a movie project.

Since Kian was casted in many project, his interest in the production side of movies interested him a lot and that is why now Kian has produced a short movie titled “Liao and Lilly “ which is now being submitted to many film festivals including Chelsea Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

Kian Kavousi is sharing with us an interview where he is revealing the truth of his learning and how he is not only drawn in the main part which is the acting side but also the producing side of a movie.


1. When did you decide that acting in Film and Theatre is a career in the Arts path that was for you?

As a child, I was always magnified by the performances that actors delivered in movies. I did not understand why but as a young child they took me on a journey full of emotions. Intuitively, I tried to copy the actors, simply for the fact that I wanted the characters to continue living, wondering how their lives would continue once my mother turned the TV off. This triggered me to learn and try to play different characters. Actors caught my imagination and thoughts and made me think long afterwards, teaching me how big life is and that there is more to what I was living. I imitated their behaviours and little by little I enjoyed being different in front of different people. It excited me. Whenever my parents were at work I would secretly sneak to the TV and watch whatever tapes that we had at home; to be entertained but also to see new characters and stories”. It was the beginning of my urge to learn more about how to portray different people. 

2. What do you love about acting, and how does it contribute and fulfil your personality?

I love the story telling and the arch and transformations of my characters. You can be who you want to be, do what you want to do and still stay within the frame and live it full on, on the journey until the end. I love exploring what it is to be, think and feel what moves other people. It helped me to expand my horizon. I am constantly facing different characters with different personalities and features and I try to make them mine when I perform. However, the deeper you get into their psychology and sociology the more you understand where these characters come from, what they went through or experienced, both happy or not, and what they have to say and teach. Acting is such a thrilling subject. You get the chance to see how people live, how they feel and why they act in that certain way, that the writer wanted the actor to play.


3.  As a producer, how was your experience working with a director and sharing your creative ideas and perspectives.

As a produce you have to work with a director that shares the same artistic vision and who shares the same values. Both artists must be able to work together, like the fingers with the hand in order to caption this vision. For my project, I chose to work with Gigi Kremer. We both wanted to capture a sociological approach to our movie. From my previous experience with Gigi, I have observed that she can communicate her views of the scenes to the actors so well by explaining them the big picture and their characters motivations. She directs them but from an actors perspective. Since she has and comes from an acting background, actors could understand her fully and of course be focused and work at their full potential. 


4. Do you want to be a successful Actor or Producer?

A successful Actor. However, it is hard to define success because everyone has his or her own definition. My understanding of success might be different to anybody else’s. But I think the key components would be that you feel what you are doing is right and good for you and yourself, being able to make progress and always being a happy and positive good human being. For me success would mean that I am getting closer to my dreams of being in front of the camera as an actor mainly, that is what I am aiming for. Meanwhile, I also enjoy the production side of a movie, organizing the filming, creating possibilities and communicating my creative vision to the actors. That is why I like to be acting in my own project, as I am myself capturing the artistic element that I want to be portrayed and the message that is communicated in my movie. I am mainly an actor.


5. What are your future plans?

These past few weeks, I have been busy in the post-production of “Liao and Lilly” which we submitted among other festivals to the Asian American International Film Festival. Currently I am reading a new script and planning on producing another project where I will be also acting in it with the purpose to send it to other film festivals internationally and nation wide. Other than that I am cast as an actor in a few confidential projects but these are mostly films or TV shows. After that I would like to go back to stage and act in an Off-Broadway show again.

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