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Questions - Support

Why don’t I see my issue?

We are doing updates so older issues are put into storage. If you need any information or images on a past issue, please contact us.

Where are the digital copies?

All view-able digital copies can be found on our issuu page and are free to read. Click on the button below to get to our page. If you don’t see your digital copy please contact us by clicking the button above.

I have a issue with my print, what do I do?

All our issues are printed on – demand at peecho. We do not deal with prints, so if any issue arise please contact peecho. If the problem persists please contact us and we will contact them directly. Please keep in mind Peecho is located in the Netherlands and will stall print production is problems occur during the printing process. This is to keep quality control high and make sure all prints are done well. So if the print is taking longer than expected to arrive this may be the reason.