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Submission Guidelines

Upcoming Issue –  Fall  Issue – Volume 41 – Deadline: October 1st

 We are looking for AVANTE GARDE, HAUTE COUTURE, BEAUTY, EDITORIAL, HIGH FASHION, and UNIQUE FASHION stories. All works must contain high-quality works. Check our Pinterest page for our board and examples. You have to submit 4-6 images for review. Images must be submitted as a PDF or JPEG. We will NOT view WETRANSFER files. If you do not hear something within two weeks,  then your set was not accepted. You can submit again in two days.


Rules for submissions: all submissions sent to us must be exclusive images. We will not take images that have been previously published. We do not allow Pornographic images. Nudity and erotic images ARE allowed. We do not allow images that include harm to animals. We also do not allow underage models in sets unless there is signed parent consent.

All images must be re-touched and cleaned up before submission. We will not consider submissions that have not been re-touched. 

When images are approved you must send us sets that are 300dpi. We do NOT take TIFFs or PDF images. Your images must be JPEG format. You must include full credits with each set. If you have any changes with your credits please let us know before release. If you do not let us know beforehand you will have to wait until our review process to have changes made. We give everyone one week from review release to send us corrections. If corrections are not sent within the one week period, we cannot promise the corrections will be made in a timely manner.

We give tear-sheets, a free digital copy for each issue. We do NOT provide free print copies nor do we pay for shoots. Please keep this in mind when preparing for your shoot. We do however give out pull sheets but you must give us a written statement on why you need a pull sheet along with a mood board.

If we have any delays with any issue we will notify you through our Facebook and social media. If you have any questions about the submission process or future issues feel free to contact us. All issues are printed through Peecho. We are a print – per – demand magazine.

We have the right to pull your set at any time. We also do not allow demand for cover. Any demand for cover will have your set pulled immediately. Please have respect for the team and other artists when submitting. We will notify you if your set has been chosen for cover or you may get a lovely surprise release day.

Download our release form before submitting. When approved please send the form signed.

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